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Meatze develops bitcoin mining based optimization solutions for the energy sector. At Meatze Energy solutions we design, build and operate modular bitcoin mining solutions. We work with renewable energy producers with the objective of increasing the revenue and performance of their assets.


From local to global

Bitcoin mining transforms power generation from a local to a global market, thus allowing the electricity generated to be "sold" to the bitcoin network regardless of geographic location. In this way, decoupling from the local electricity market and allowing to diversify income.

This new power buyer’s yearly consumption is already 100TWh and growing.

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// Products//

Interruptibility: consumption can be intermittent, adapting this way to the renewable energy unstable nature.


Flexibility: Consumption load can be modulated, adapting the workload to the genration curve if necessary.


On-site: Mining assets can be deployed in the generator’s location, enabling an off-grid connection when necessary.


Scalability: Industrialized solution with fast deployment capacity.

// Services//

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Meatze provides training to the client team to be able to carry ou the operation and preventive maintenance actions. You will also have access to Meatze's support desk to resolve possible incidents.

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Turnkey Solutions

Meatze will be responsible for operation and maintenance. As well as the continuous monitoring of the asset. This service will have performance guarantees based on hourly availability.

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Asset management

Meatze will be responsible for the complete management of the asset. In turn, providing a "PPA" guaranteed by the computing capacity generated, thus minimizing the financial risk of the client.

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